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Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels Review and Information of New Mexico

Hotels and Resorts are very necessary, especially when you are going out of station or country visits. You cannot make a plan without choosing a hotel for you in another city or country.

Every person wants to get the best place to stay and the type of hotel which will provide him with the best view, luxury style, best buffets, and comfort.

If you are planning to go to New Mexico then you should know about the best luxury hotels New Mexico!

Here are the details of 10 best luxury hotels in New Mexico to get you a clearer idea:

1. The Inn of the Five Graces

The Inn of the Five Graces! Yes, its name is so unique and beautiful, just imagine how it will be from inside or what about the views!

This hotel provides you the imported treasures of Asia and the Middle East. You will never find any Southwestern culture there, all you will find is the art of the best Asian artists.

Why “The Inn of the Five Graces”?

People are pulled there mainly for the best Eastern Hemisphere!

If we talk about décor then you will find stunning wall hangings and mosaic tiles from the Middle East and Asia. The things you will find here cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In short, it is said to be the no-replacement place to stay in New Mexico!

Dreamy rooms

People who visit there once, will never forget it and will want to come over again and again due to their convenience, overflow of the amazing shades of colors and glamorous rooms.

You will find all the needed services in a room, including Wi-Fi access.

2. Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi

This is another best place to stay in New Mexico and spend quality time there.

If you want to stay in New Mexico then you have to consider Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi, as it is a detail-oriented hotel where you will find all needed accessories with luxury accommodations.

You will notice artistic designs of Native American Tribes and handcrafted beds.

The employees and all hotel staff of the Inn of the Anasazi are friendly, helpful and well-mannered.

3. Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe

This Four Seasons resort is designed on 57 acres in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, on the northern outskirts of Santa Fe, in New Mexico.

Its casita-style rooms are decorated with neutral tones of warm and orange accents. Each room has its own terrace which will provide you with a wonderful view.

You will get 24-hour room services with Wi-Fi access. Whenever you will feel lonely, you can join other guests at the outdoor pool and the Terra restaurant.

4. Bishop’s Lodge (Bishop’s Lodge Rd.), Santa Fe

Bishop’s Lodge is built by Bishop Jean Baptiste Lamy. As far as location is concerned, then it is located in a valley north of town called Little Tesuque.

As we talk about the setting of the room, its rooms are decorated with local artwork, handcrafted furniture and attractive color tones on walls.

You can do many activities there, like tennis, swimming, riding, and hiking, etc.

5. La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

It is different unlike other five star resorts and hotels. When you will reach there you get the feel of a meandering adobe village. But when you will enter, you will see that it is not less than any fine hotel because it is one of the best New Mexico’s premier hotels.

If we think about services, then they provide their cooperative and well-mannered services. For those people who want privacy and silence, it has some tucked back quiet compounds for them.

6. Eldorado Hotel & Spa Santa Fe

Eldorado Hotel is situated near the historic center of Santa Fe. It has more than 200 luxury rooms with beautiful sunset and sunrise views.  You can enjoy the views from balconies and terraces.

It has a heated rooftop pool, fireplaces and original artwork of famous artists. All these things make this Eldorado Hotel one of the best luxury hotels in New Mexico.

7. El Monte Sagrado

El Monte Sagrado offers a luxury tour with beautiful surrounding views.

If you want to know about rooms then we would like to tell you that its rooms are designed by old-world Europe and the American West. Decorated with lush patterns, wonderful amenities, and fabrics.

If you are interested in outdoor activities then you can enjoy wet-bars, fireplaces and hot tubs in this hotel.

8. Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa is one of the most unique and luxury resorts of New Mexico.

It was created by the Santa Ana Pueblo tribe and when we talk about the location then we come to know that it is situated on 550 acres of stunning scenery in New Mexico.

If you are interested in playing golf then you can enjoy playing golf, in the Twin Warriors golf course. Another interesting thing is that you can do a hot air balloon ride across the New Mexico skies.

9. Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort & Casino

If we talk about the architecture of this hotel, they might be a bit cold for you. You will be seeing the pines settled on the edges of a blue lake will be quite a few views for you.

Along with that, there are spacious rooms, which do not let you get frustrated, and the facility of lush bedding adds more to it. You will have many other activities to do over there such as gambling, fishing skiing, gold, and ranging.

10. The Lodge at Cloudcroft

This one is absolutely for the people who enjoy and live the old world style in terms of a Victorian hotel. If you are one of them then this one is going to be extremely amazing for you. This hotel is full of beauty as it is nestled on a hilltop which is covered with pine in Southern New Mexico.

If you are an old soul and love being around the antiques then you might stay in the room most of the time, as the rooms are filled with antique pieces. Everything around you in the room will please you from sideboards to mirrors all are beautifully historic and antique.

Even the lamps and steam radiators are kept by keeping in mind that everything should complement each other. You have the facility to enjoy a new spa over there, along with performing all your sports activities in the golf course.


If you have experienced staying in any of these hotels, then you can share it in the comments section, and let the people know how your experience was. Also, if you still are planning your trip to New Mexico then tell us which one is your choice to stay for this trip.

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