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The 15 Best Things to Do in South Carolina – Travel Tips and info

South Carolina offers you everything from historic sites and landmarks to mesmerizing beaches to exciting things you can with your kids to visit appealing tourist attractions. South Carolina is a complete package for tourists.

Here are the 15 best things you can do in South Carolina:

  1. Olde English District

Olde English District is a famous historic landmark in South Carolina. It consists of seven countries and in its north-central area is a place of America’s earliest events. The district was settled in the mid-1770s. This place is full f history and saw many revolutionary battles. One can enjoy parks, markers, buildings, and monuments apart from historical sight. The area is filled with the flourish family farms, old plantation homes, museums, and other outdoor attractions that bring back the memories of the past. Some of the historic landmarks are Historic Camden, Historic Bartonville, Landsford Canal State, and Railroad Museum.

  1. DuPont Planetarium

DuPont Planetarium is actually a part of the University of South Carolina, and its purpose is to explore mysteries and the splendor of the sky. DuPont Planetarium has only 45 seats and is only 30 feet in diameter. Many of the popular events and private shows are held here every year.

You can reserve in advance for the Saturday evening shows. The main topics of the shows are astronomy, weather, and sometimes even biology. One can also enjoy two sundials, camera obscura, and an observatory. After the Saturday show, every night observatory is open to the public.

  1. McLeod Plantation Historic Site

Another famous historic site of South Carolina is the McLeod Plantation site which is created in 1851. It represents the history of American and Gullah. Site is preserved for many years, and you can also enjoy the sight of few buildings on the vast territory of McLeod Plantation. Buildings include 6 clapboard slave cabins and a machinery house that is used in the processing of carbon. There are many informational centers, and you can avail of the facility of a guided tour as well.

  1. Broadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach is actually located at the Broadway Lake and is consist of extensive shopping and the entertainment center. It is a themed base complex and is divided into different areas which include New England Fishing Village, Celebrity Square, and the Charleston Boardwalk. It has three hotels, three theaters, and several nightclubs and shops. There are also places you can visit if you are on vacation with your families like a dinosaur exhibit, aquarium, zip line, and a wax museum. There is also an event calendar that features fireworks twice a week in summers and for kids a kid club with monthly events.

  1. South Carolina State Museum

South Carolina State Museum is the largest museum of the state that has four floors for exhibits and shows the natural beauty of the state’s history, culture, science, and art. It also showcases many educational exhibits to engage young visitors. You can also enjoy the Science Theater and a planetarium.

  1. Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

For the ride lovers, you can not only enjoy the spectacular view of Myrtle Beach but can also add fun to your trip by ridding the sky wheel. Skywheel is 187 feet tall, and it enables you to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Myrtle Beach shoreline. You can enjoy a ride at night which increases the fun of your trip. Even VIP rides are also available. There are three revolutions in each ride.

  1. Charleston’s Historic District

South Carolina is full of historical places, and you can enjoy history in every corner of South Carolina. Charleston Historic District is entire of 1400 historic houses, churches and other buildings in the streets. Carriage rides are offered to roam on streets of the district and gain knowledge of the history, or you can even walk on the streets. You can enjoy priceless and beautiful pieces of the historic art homes of the Aiken-Rhett house and Nathaniel Russell house. Exhibitions are also held in the district. On your trip here make sure to visit the city market.

  1. Charleston Culinary Tours

Charleston Culinary tours are considered to be the US best travel destinations due to its historic landmark, best restaurants, and even cultural attractions. These tours show the city’s best foods and drinks, representing many restaurants, and also they showcase the shopping at the famous farmers market. Apart from the vegan and dairy-free diets, any other accommodation or the restriction in the food can be adjusted if you notice in advance.

  1. Alligator Adventure

For wild predator lovers, you can enjoy the world’s largest reptile zoo. Alligator Adventure provides different and most unique opportunities to watch, play, and get close to the world’s most dangerous reptiles. They offer complete protection and a safe environment. You can also see snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs. But their primary attraction is the alligators. You can even touch live alligators and learn exciting facts about them.

  1. Caesars Head State Park

Caesars Head State Park compromises of the best cliffs and is filled with the natural scenery. The park is full of places where you can take amazing photos and make your trip memory last forever. The best area in the park is from the overlook to show a view of Table Rock. You can hike on the Raven Cliff Trail and even can enjoy swimming holes at the Gap Trail. There is a specific Caesars Head Hawk Site where you can enjoy a fantastic sight of the hawks at the Atlantic Flyway. Other activities at the park include fishing, treasure hunting and you can also find geocaches to find with GPS.

  1. Wampee Stables

Wampee Stable is a farmhouse that is owned by a family and has almost 35 horses. You can enjoy horse riding, rides with the family are also available. Riding lessons are also available and do not miss a chance to ride through the countryside trails. Rides are of 90 minutes with the experienced guides. If you are on a trip with your family, your children can also enjoy rides, learn about the horses in camps about how to ride, groom, and care for horses. But you need to make an appointment in advance.

  1. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Riverbank Zoo and Garden spreads over an area of 170 acres at the Saluda River. If you are with your children, it is the best place for your children. Zoo has more than 2000 different species of animals. There are almost 8 habitats of animals. You can also visit the botanical garden, which contains nearly 4200 species of plants in various theme gardens. Other activities include a zip line, wall climbing, children’s play area, and a vertical rope course.

  1. South Carolina Plantations

You can add comfort and relax during your trip by walking in the South Carolina Plantation. It contains almost 2000 plants and gives a vibe of a dream. There are many places worth to see, like Charleston, which contains many beautiful gardens. Other famous attractions include Middleton Place, which is a historic landmark. Other attractions include Magnolia Plantation and the Boone Hall Plantation both of these plantations are the America’s oldest gardens that are still maintained and are open to the public. They give you a chance to feel nature a little more closely. Another valuable plantation is the Drayton Hall and provides a glimpse of the 18th-century skills and architecture.

  1. Hilton Head Island

You can also enjoy the fantastic Hilton Head Island view. Although this island is not as glamour’s as compared to Myrtle Beach, it is the best place to relax away from the city hustle and noise in a peaceful environment. You can enjoy bicycling at the fantastic trails of the island. Island also offers other activities like shopping, dining and golf courses and you can also enjoy the beaches and can take a sunbath. The famous attraction of the Hilton Head Island is the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge where you can see rare as well as common species of wildlife with a close-up.

  1. Fort Sumter National Monument

The last name in our list is the Fort Summer National Monument, which is divided into two parts. One part consists of Fort Sumter, and the other one is the Visitor Education Centre. To visit fort summer, you can ride a boat from a Liberty Square or from the Patriots point because it is located on the island. To avoid any problem, always try to book your tickets for the boat in advance. You can also use your personal boat. Limited access is provided at the fort and to visit many areas you need to climb stairs.

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