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15 Best Things to Do in Florida – Best information of any Tourist

Florida is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the largest states of the US. There is a lot of things to do in Florida and it is not just about going to the beaches. Florida is famous for its museums, art galleries, restaurants, and even different historical attraction apart from human-made wonders. There are many tourist attractions for nature-loving people in short Florida has a complete package of a beautiful trip for you.

15 Best Things to Do in Florida

Here is the list of 15 best things you can do in Florida which can make your trip unforgettable:

1. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

If you are a nature lover and appreciate nature, then you must visit Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. It has more than 50 different species of butterflies. They have a unique climate control environment that includes flowers, plants, waterfalls, and trees that are butterfly friendly. Conservatories also have different species of birds as well. It also has a learning center to see various stages of the caterpillar. There is also a gift shop that sells items related to nature and butterflies.

2. Busch Gardens Tampa

I am sure most of you love to go to the amusement parks than to make your trip to Florida more interesting visit Busch Gardens Tampa. It is an African style amusement park. Park is divided into different themed sections; all the parts are named after different parts of Africa. You must try different rides like a steam engine, the Serengeti Express or the Sky ride. The most famous attraction of the Park is its rollercoaster. Park also has many food and beverage shops. The Park also has many animal exhibitions.

3. The Ringling

Florida does not forget his art lover tourist and has many art museums for them. One of them is The Ringling, which is located at the mansion home for John and Marble Ringling. The museum contains a total of 21 art galleries which includes more than 10,000 art pieces. It has a status of the state museum of Florida. It also has a library, education center, and gardens. Its hall and even grounds can be used for weddings and private events.

4. Lion Country Safari

Another tourist attraction in Florida is its drive through Lion Country Safari park. Almost 1000 different animals live there in the natural ecosystem and are free to roam. Park was established in 1967 and is known as the US first “cageless zoo.” Park contains animals from six continents, which include lions, zebras, rhinos, ostriches. In Park, you can have services like rides, animal feeding, Safari Splash water spray ground, food concessions, and shopping.

5. Sarasota Opera

You will love to visit Sarasota Opera, which is established in 1960 and is considered as Florida’s premium opera organization.  From 1973 onward company has its annual performances. Along with opera the theater also showcases performances of classical ballets and symphony. Theater building also witnesses famous music concerts, film festivals and even standup comedy performances. The theater has an opera performances of well-known composers like Verdi. Pre-performance lectures on works were also offered by some lesser-known performances.

6. Magic Kingdom Park

There is a child inside everyone and to treat child inside you, Florida has a Magic Kingdom Park for you. Park is located in Orlando at the Walt Disney World Resorts. Cinderella’s Castle is the main attraction, or you can say the centerpiece of the Park. There is a Walt Disney World Railroad transport that takes tourists a ride to the Park. It usually stops at three of the lands including Main Street, Frontierland, and fantasyland. Park also has characters from your favorite shows and arranges many live shows.

7. Discovery Cove

The state of Florida has many theme parks; Discovery Cove is one of them with marine attraction. Park is located in Orlando, and its operator is SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. Park is famous for providing a wide range of opportunities to interact with marine life. It offers opportunities to play and swim with Dolphins. It also has a coral reef to swim with a wide range of fishes. Park also has allowed its customers to float over a tropical river.

8. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

It is another theme park that is a part of Universal Orlando Resort. This theme park is best for adventure loving people as it takes its tourists on a journey to eight different islands. Park has a hub-and-spoke model with a central port of entry. There is no ride at the port; instead, they are located at seven other islands. Park’s main attractions are based on movies produced by Universal. It also has a Universal studio for film and TV shooting.

9. Kennedy Space Center

If you are interested in the mysteries of the space, then visit Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The site is a witness of many American space shuttle launches. Bus service is available to provide a tour around the Kennedy Space Center as it is spread on a wide area of 140,000 acres. You can visits various displays and exhibitions there. It is a significant site in the US, and you can buy tickets to view the rockets launches.

10. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

All of you are a fan of Harry Potter in your children and dreams to visit witches school someday. It’s now time to fulfill your goal if you are visiting Florida then you must see Wizarding World of Harry Potter that is divided into two areas. One is the Universal studio of Florida, and the other one is the Island of Adventures. Park has a Hogwarts Express replica and has a total of five rides. You can also interact with the characters and visit the Hogwarts Castle replica.

11. Everglades National Park

Everglades is the second largest National Park in the US and is created in 1947. It was the environmentalists behind its foundation who convinced the government that this is a particular area, and it has to be preserved. Everglades cover the area of 1.5 million acres which is included with the subtropical marshes and swamps. Park has a perfect life for wildlife as it has a river coming from Lake Okeechobee. Park also provides boating service to spot wildlife.

12. Legoland Florida Resort

If you are visiting Florida with your children, then you must pay a visit to Legoland Florida Resort. It is a famous child themed Park for children less than 12 years of age. Park contains many rides, shows, and attractions for children. Land of Park is a former botanical garden, so it features a water park and also provides a factory tour to show how Lego bricks are made. VIP experiences are also available so that children can enjoy reserved seating at attractions or breakfast with favorite Lego characters.

13. Miami Beach

The list of best beaches is incomplete without the name of Miami Beach. It is located on an island that is connected to Florida through bridges. Your trip to Florida or Miami is not completed without a visit to Miami Beaches. Beach has perfect golden sand and is famous for its beachside buildings of art deco. There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants that increases the attraction of the beach and are very popular among visitors.

14. St Augustine’s Historic District

Apart from human-made tourist’s attractions and natural scenery, Florida also contains historical sites and has a famous architecture work. If you are looking for something ancient in Florida than St Augustine’s District is one. It is the oldest settlement due to which it provides an excellent site for beautiful architecture and some mind-blowing historical sites. St Augustine’s District was built in the 17thcentury. It is well preserved for history lovers. And if you are not interested in history than you can enjoy beautiful views of coasts.

15. Navy Seal Museum

If you are interested in the army and especially in the navy than on your visit to Florida, you must visit the Navy Seal Museum. The museum is dedicated to maintaining and display the history of US Navy Seals. The museum is located on Ft.  Pierce beaches. It is located there because it is the same place of training for Naval Combat Demolition Units and Underwater Demolitions for D-Day. These two units are the navy seals that is why a museum named as Navy Seal Museum. It provides its tourists Navy Seal program details. Museum also arranges many exhibitions of modern and old-fashioned equipment of Navy Seal. The main attraction of the museum is the Seal Memorial.

The state of Florida provides you a complete package for your tour, and you can do things according to your taste and interest. Florida has many theme base parks, nature parks, museums, and historical places for its tourists. You can choose the things from the above list and make your trip more memorable.

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